Cowell Foreshore and Marina Development

The District Council of Franklin Harbour is a small regional council centres on Cowell on the Eastern Eyre Peninsula.

Cowell is located on the beautiful Franklin Harbour, and in 2011 council developed a Masterplan which sought to both capitalise on the tourism potential of this beautiful location, and to enhance the liveability of Cowell.

After significant public consultation, planning and design, accessing grant funding and the gaining of all relevant approvals, in late 2019 DCFH commenced work on building a marina facility at Cowell, which was the first step in a full redevelopment and enhancement of the Cowell Foreshore area.

These works are now complete and include :

  • a 32 berth marina
  • a stunning building overlooking the marina which includes a commercial space, public facilities and a large undercover area
  • a new road improving access to the foreshore and diverting oyster punts away from play/recreational activities
  • an aquatic playground including waterslides
  • a new basketball court and huge bouncy pillow
  • extensive paving/pathways/landscaping/shelters and barbecues which includes over 13,000 sqm of additional lawn/landscaped areas
  • significant additional parking in the foreshore area

This was a very significant scope of works for a small regional council and presented a very challenging cashflow situation for us, and simply could not have happened without the support of the LGFA via both a 10 year loan and a CAD facility.

These works have transformed the Cowell Foreshore and greatly enhanced both liveability for the residents of Franklin Harbour, and the appeal of Cowell as a tourist destination.

Information and photos supplied by Shane Gill, Chief Executive Officer, District Council of Franklin Harbour