Central Adelaide Waste Recycling Authority (CAWRA)

A joint initiative of the Cities of Charles Sturt and Port Adelaide Enfield. 

The Central Adelaide Waste Recycling Authority (CAWRA) brand new material recovery facility (MRF) became fully operational in January 2022. In its first year of operation, the MRF is on track to process over 32,000 tonnes of kerbside recycling.

The MRF utilises a combination of human pickers and the latest in advanced technology to sort comingled recyclables into high value commodities for remanufacture whilst providing important local employment opportunities.

CAWRA was established with the primary objectives of taking responsibility of the community’s recyclables and developing the local circular economy. CAWRA are fully committed to achieving the highest possible circular economy outcomes. CAWRA has established access to commodity markets that are truly circular including an extensive network of on-shore recycling facilities for box and paper remanufacture, glass recycling and advanced plastics recycling.

Located within 11km of the Adelaide CBD the brand new MRF in Adelaide’s central suburbs is a critical piece of South Australia’s recycling infrastructure helping to ensure there is a sound basis in South Australia for kerbside recycling into the future. The MRF was built to cater for a state that is growing with the capacity to process over 50,000 tonnes each year.

CAWRA’s recycling education facilities have been designed for DDA access. The viewing platform provides exceptional access to view the MRF in full operation where the community can learn about recycling processes.

Information and photos supplied by Stephen Payne, Contracts Coordinator, CAWRA