How we help

Our Purpose

We are dedicated to being the leading provider of finance solutions to South Australian councils and prescribed local government bodies. We offer a range of competitive loan and investment products to our members.


Our Services:

  • Secure Investments
  • Fee Free Borrowing


Secure Investments

Councils can place funds with the Authority on the following terms:

  • At Call Deposits (24 hour)
  • Short Term Deposits (30-180 days)
  • Long Term Deposits (1-5 years)

Funds on deposit will earn a competitive interest rate return and will participate in the LGFA’s annual bonus payment to Councils. These bonus payments are based on the average deposit and loan business each individual client conducts with the LGFA.

Deposits are safe and secure as under the Local Government Finance Authority Act 1983 all deposit funds are guaranteed by the Treasurer of South Australia.

The LGFA’s investment products are also convenient. Councils can advise the Authority of their lodgement and withdrawal instructions via our online portal (preferable), email or phone. Once appropriate authorisations are in place, the LGFA is able to debit or credit Councils’ bank accounts by Electronic Funds Transfer (EFT) as required.


Fee Free Borrowing

The LGFA provides access to borrowings with a minimum of fuss.

Councils obtain loan funds secured by a debenture charge over their general revenue.

Some important benefits to receive are:

  • Competitive interest rates
  • No fees for applications, documentation, cash advances or unused limits
  • A potential for borrowers to receive an annual bonus payment
  • And terms up to 15 years

An expansive range of borrowing options is available, for example:

Credit foncier style loans
These fixed rate interest loans are repaid with equal instalments of principal and interest for the term of the loan.

Interest only borrowings
Provide for instalments of interest and repayment of principal at the completion of the loan term.

Specially Structured Loans
Tailored to meet the individual borrower’s needs.

Cash advance suite of products
These facilities make loan funds accessible either on a 24-hour floating rate basis or variable rate for terms of 30 to 180 days OR may be a fixed rate for periods of one to five years within a single long term funding facility.